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When the engine runs out of fuel, repeat the purging sequence. The setting should be checked each time the nozzle is disassembled and cleaned. Warning—In addition to other precautions, read the compression pressure gage in whatever position it faces without twisting the gage and hose which can distort qstm readings. The fuel switching shall thus be as illustrated in Fig. Install the cylinder over the piston so that it is seated on the cylinder base gaskets. Warning—Wear gloves to protect lapped or polished surfaces that could be etched by body acid if handled with bare fingers.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

It is a test that requires approximately 1 h to perform but it is useful to judge nozzle acceptance when engine instability has ashm experienced after cleaning x613 resetting. Proper positioning is accomplished through the use of plastic or paper gaskets, available in several thicknesses and selected by trial and error for assembly between the cylinder and crankcase deck.

The cetane method test procedure requires that all fuels operate at a specified ignition delay period and therefore changes in handwheel setting are necessary.

Loosen the lock nut of the large handwheel and remove the locking L-shaped key. When an interference angle approach is utilized, lapping may be performed but extreme care must be taken to exert very light pressure to prevent creating a groove in the valve face.


A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. These quieting ramps are flat spots in the contour which occur at 0. A plot or table of handwheel readings provides a simple guide to selection of the reference astj. A typical buret is illustrated in Fig.

Replacement requires satm tools. It shall contain a detergent additive and have a kinematic viscosity of 9.

A water manometer may be substituted. Any cetane number ending in exactly 5 in the second decimal place shall be rounded to the nearest even tenth number; for example, round However, the relationship to the performance of such materials in full scale engines is not completely understood.

Warning—Deactivate the engine unit before performing any maintenance. D — 05 standard operating conditions with the ignition delay period carefully set to However, the relationship to the performance of such materials in full scale engines is not completely understood.

ASTM D – Cetane Number – Free Download PDF

Spray pattern performance checks shall be made in a hood or where adequate ventilation insures that inhalation of the vapors is avoided. NOTE 3—Typically, the fuel-flow-rate should be the same for both reference fuels because they are sufficiently similar in composition.

This reference mark may change if new components are installed in the injection pump. Turn the large asrm so that the edge of f613 drum is in alignment with the 1. Except for electromechanical pickups, use of ultrasonic bath equipment has been demonstrated to be effective and heating of some cleaning solutions can also be beneficial. Hg shall asstm 6 kPa 6 20 psi when read as quickly as possible after shutdown of the engine which had been at standard operating conditions. Set the flywheel to a position at any point on the intake stroke.

The need to use additional leverage to achieve a locked condition indicates a need for handwheel assembly atsm.


This will minimize possible valve warping or corrosion in the combustion chamber between operating periods. For more specific warning statements, see Annex A1. Replace the cylinder if the internal diameter at the area of maximum wear is more than 0.

The relationship of test engine performance to full scale, variable speed, variable load engines is not completely understood. Multigraded oils shall not be used.

Free Diameter after Compression 1. A resonant condition affects the primary pressure within the system and can affect critical operating conditions.

Adjust the fuel injection timing micrometer to achieve the specified injection advance degrees see Fig. When making replacements always use a complete mated assembly. Waukesha Engine Division Part Numbers or References are included in parenthesis after the items where applicable.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Warning—Chemical cleaning solutions are poisonous and may be harmful or fatal zstm inhaled or swallowed.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

Add sufficient engine crankcase lubricating oil through the top hole to cause the level to rise to the height of the side opening. Concentricity, Seat asm Guide Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

See Annex A4 for detailed instructions on setting and checking the fuel pump timing.