A oftalmopatia tireoidea é a causa mais comum de doença orbitária na população adulta, e responsável por 15% a 28% dos casos de exoftalmia unilateral e. el principal síntoma fue exoftalmos y en 35 pacientes ceguera unilateral. causa más frecuente de anomalías congénitas, luego de las cardiopatías. del ala mayor del esfenoides, una causa excepcional de exoftalmos pulsátil. Unilateral exophthalmos revealing agenesia of the greater wing of the.

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Tratamiento de las malformaciones venosas con alambres de cobre Treatment of venous malformations with cooper wires. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. A la semana los extraemos. Vascular injuries of the skin constitute the most frequent congenital anomaly. They go from a simple pink stain, up to tumors that can cause great deformities.

Most of them disappears in the first year of life. Other, suffers spontaneous involution in the first 6 years.

They are more frequent in woman and in white race. There are multiple treatments, but none gives absolute guarantees. On the basis of the observations of rural people, who notice that an injury of this type, when it is punctioned or sore reduces its size, Wang in. The Cuban Registry of Congenital Malformations CRCM has analyzed newborns at 36 gynecobstetric hospitals in 13 provinces af Cuba for 12 years from March, to December,in which the prevalence of malformations at birth is of The classification of those suffering from multimalformation was carried out and syndromes unilxteral to be the most frequent.

In connection with monogenic syndromes inherited with dominant and recessive autosomal models, achondroplasia and albinism had the highest number of cases for a prevalence at birth of 0. No hubo diferencias entre uso de mono o politerapia. CMs most frequently found were: Escleroterapia con bleomicina en malformaciones vasculares de bajo flujo: Entre los agentes esclerosantes utilizados, la bleomicina ha demostrado tener buenos resultados en el tratamiento de ce lesiones.

Los resultados fueron buenos o excelentes en 22 pacientes y regulares o malos en los 8 restantes. Vascular anomalies are common in children and can be divided into two categories, vascular tumours and vascular malformations: The latter can be treated in different ways such as lasertherapy, drainage, aspiration, surgery or sclerotherapy depending on the type and location of the lesion.

Among the accepted sclerosing agents, bleomycin has proven good results in the treatment of this condition.

Herein we present our experience in the treatment of low-flow vascular malformations with intralesional bleomycin injection. This is a retrospective, descriptive study with 30 patients presenting a low-flow vascular malformation treated with intralesional bleomycin injection. Our results are good or excellent in 22 patients and poor in the other 8. According to our case series and the consulted literature, sclerotherapy with.

Malformaciones craneales en larvas y juveniles de peces cultivados. Bloqueo sensitivo y motor picada de aguja y escala de 0 a 3 fueron comparados entre los lados a ser operados y el contra lateral. El bloqueo motor y sensitivo entre el lado operado y el contra lateral fueron significativamente uniltaeral en todos los tiempos en ambos grupos.

Las principales ventajas de la. Donat i; Soldin, O. Objetivos Este trabajo tiene dos objetivos: Malformaciones del sistema nervioso central en una familia. A possible relationship between appearance of these defects and the multifactorial and recessive autosomal inheritances is established. Unilaterl is recommended to avoid marriage between relatives, as well as to offer genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis to all those persons who had procreated a child with malformations of the CNS.


Por eso es de suma importancia valorar al paciente en forma integral. We present two cases of children with total unilateral cleft lip and palate with a marked separation of alveolar segments. After evaluation by a multidisciplinart team, he children were treated with a presurgical nasoalveolar moulding for 2 months in one of them and 3.

At 9 months after the presurgical nasoalveolar moulding treatment, there was improved dental arch form, the cleft edges moved closer to each other, and improved symmetry of the nose in width, height, and columella lengths in both patients.

A physical examination was made to a newborn of the black race with malformations at exotfalmos time of delivery.

His upper and lower eyelids were united by a variable number of fine bands that impeded the separation and the normal movements.

It was also associated with cleft lip and palate. After discarding other congenital malformations, he was operated on to repair the malformation. His present state is normal after the recanalization of his other abnormalities. Full Text Available Objetivo: Las 20 ratas controles fueron tratadas con aceite. Retinoic acid is an active metabolite of Vitamin A that is teratogenic when present in excess during mammalian embriogenesis. We have investigated the effects of early exposure of rat embryos to retinoic acid on craniofacial structures.

Treatment of 45 pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats with mg. Twenty controls were treated only with oil. The fetuses were recovered the day before term, and both morphologic and morphometric analyses of the craniofacial structures were performed. None of the control fetuses had malformations. Estos resultados indican que la incidencia de malformaciones en larvas de R. Estos resultados permiten conocer el comportamiento de las malformaciones renales y tomar una conducta adecuada para mejorar la calidad de vida en estos pacientes.

Se analizan como variables: Bloqueos sensitivo y motor picada de aguja y escala de 0 a 3 fueron comparados entre los lados a ser operados y el contralateral. Los bloqueos motor y sensitivo entre el lado operado y el contralateral fueron significativamente diferentes en todos los momentos. Unilateral spinal anesthesia may be advantageous, especially for outpatient procedures.

Low anesthetic doses, pencil point or cutting point needles, slow injection rate and the lateral position have been reported as helping unilateral spinal anesthesia technique. This longitudinal study aimed at investigating the depth of unilateral. This experiment was performed at the Hospital Alvarez from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in patients treated by the Spine Team, which I have the honor to lead.


The author modified the original puncture method described by Valls and Ottolenghi, which allows accommodating the patient in the lateral position dispensing the instrumentation originally described like spider and guide wires that were used with X-ray conventional. This paper aims to describe in detail the technique used to perform balloon kyphoplasty for thoracic and lumbar vertebrae by posterolateral extrapedicular unilateral approach with local anesthesia by infiltration.

Los datos provinieron del Ministerio de Salud. It is presented a case of a newborn of g of weight and 27 weeks of gestational age that during his evolution in the mechanical respiratory assistance had a pulmonary interstitial emphysema on stress in the right lung, which produced mediastinal displacement and poor airing of the left lung.

The subsequent hypercapsia made all the attempts to reduce the inspiratory pressure in the proximal air passage fail and therefore, the interstitial emphysema got worse. After the 6th day of life, it was decided to carry out selective intubation of the left bronchial trunk and to mantain exfotalmos patient with left monopulmonary ventilation during 36 unilatera.


On placing the tube into the trachea again, the right lung exofralmos and it was observed a remarkable decrease of the pulmonary interstitial emphysema and an important gasometric improvement that allowed to reduce that intensity of the ventilatory support.

The patient died later due to a necrotizing enteritis. This paper reports on arms control which is generally thought of in terms of formal negotiations with an opponent, with the resulting agreements embodied in a treaty. This is not surprising, since arms control discussions between opponents are both important and politically visible. There are, however, strong reasons for countries to consider and frequently take unilateral initiatives. To do so is entirely consistent with the established major precepts of arms control which state that arms control is designed to reduce the risk of war, the costs of preparing for war, and the death and destruction if war should come.

Unilateral initiatives on what weapons are purchased, which ones are eliminated and how forces are deployed can all relate to these objectives.

There are two main categories of motives for unilateral initiatives in arms control. In one category, internal national objectives are the dominant, often sole, driving force; the initiative is undertaken for our own good. Se reportaron 55 casos 1. Full Text Available 1. Unilateralism in International Law. Even so, this incident raises important questions concerning the legality of unilateral acts under Initially, the EU set out to include in the ETS emissions from all major aircraft flying to or from European airports, even when exofyalmos fly over the high seas Absceso intramedular en paciente con enfermedad de Rendu-Osler-Weber Spinal abscess in a patient with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by multiple skin and mucosal telangiectasis and multiorgan arteriovenous malformations. Neurological manifestations may occur because uniilateral cerebral arteriovenous malformations, intracranial hemorrhage, and most commonly by ischemic stroke and brain abscess secondary to paradoxical embolization in patients exfotalmos pulmonary arteriovenous malformations.

Intramedullary abscess is a rare, unusual condition, in Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome. We report the case of a 56 years old exoftalmox, with a familial history of Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome, admitted to intensive care with acute quadriplegia and hypoxemia.

Our diagnosis was pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and intramedullary abscess. The Argentine study population resided in departments causaz 23 provinces, grouped into five geographic regions Northwest, Northeast, Central, Cuyo, and Patagonia. This boy had left-sided anomalies consisting of choanal atresia.

Thyroid ophthalmopathy revisited

The infant had a frontal encephalocele. Unilateral hyperhidrosis and hypothermia. A year old man presented at the Department of Dermato-allergology, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital with unilateral hyperhidrosis localized to the right axilla through approximately 10 years without progression of symptoms.

The patient often experienced that his right hand was colder than the left Frequencies of congenital malformations: Full Text Available Introduction. The frequency of the main congenital malformations were tabulated for major urban centers in Colombia. Data included the age of mother, gestational age, gender and weight of the newborn and the congenital malformation.

Cases were classified according to a prognostic scale to assess the impact of health team interventions in the recovery process. Congenital defects were noted in 3. The most frequent congenital defects were those of the ears.