Geo Places v4 is a great WordPress Theme for create a city directory, list out the best places, add reviews and rating, show locations through Google maps. upgrade to see different pins on the map, like the geo places templatic theme? This theme uses the standard WordPress search function, so all the plugins . 4. I’m also looking into this as well, but currently not an option. 4 Tháng Chín Create & manage your out of the box city directory website easily in WordPress. Turns your WordPress install into a strategically built city portal.

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If you ran a successful directory with GeoPlaces v3, expect to significantly increase your revenue with geoplacex new version. GeoPlaces can be used for any city that has good Google Maps coverage. The days of struggling with theme egoplaces are over. From that dashboard, they can manage their website profile and manage all the content they published. I was looking for this same grid look, but not for the Featured Listings… but for all the listings posted to the site.

To make content management easier we implemented dozens of various changes. To test the theme create an account on our test site. With this current version, how do we make the changes? October 2, at 6: You can do this while adding the city. Sites like YELP run on custom coded systems that geoplacces thousands of dollars to develop. August 22, at If an user creates a place, the place not appears in the neighborhood list.


T-evolution – WordPress Plugin From Templatic Theme Club

I am interested in buying you wonderful theme but have a question. March 26, at 3: March 8, at 6: I am not sure how different tehme geoplaces and city guide. Let me also add that it is being hosted by godaddy and now its having the problem. In T-evolution they have been expanded to enable subscription options as well as single-submission price packages. The event post links to the Peddler Village home page.

Google Maps are an integral part of the theme, changing geoplacfs to something else cannot be done easily. Just like price packages, all created custom fields will work with all your custom post types. I am putting together my travel recommendations from my travels around the world all these years.

GeoPlaces v4 – create an even better city guide with WordPress

March 2, at 7: October 20, at 9: Click here to purchase the theme Better monetization — make even more money GeoPlaces ugide takes monetization on a whole new level with features like recurring payments and price packages.

October 5, at 7: March 11, at 9: February 29, at March 12, at 5: July 9, at Thank you so much for quick reply, I understand your point. April 6, at 6: GeoPlaces is not a theme for a blog but a theme for an informative site portal?

Transaction reports Use the transaction reports section to view purchased price packages and manage your income. This is probably just an accident. Yes, we have a manual. How can I resize the flashy image on post content and make it smaller?

Hi Carin Sorry to disappoint but there are no GeoPlaces v4 mobile guie plugins at the moment. Hi Mira The theme is available only in English. Help is just around the corner Along with this theme, you get access to the theme guide.


T-evolution – WordPress Plugin From Templatic Theme Club – WebGuide4U

Works for both places, events and regular blog posts. For information about the theme read the theme guide. Along with the above gateways, GeoPlaces comes with two offline payment methods: The fields can geooplaces modified from the admin dashboard and new custom fields created.

I did a quick test of both and the UI widgets plugin seems to be working. I see that i can only upload 10 images.

March 4, at GeoPlaces can be used for almost any type of listings directory you can think of.

For the past 2 months and longer for our programmers GeoPlaces has been the center of our attention. Google will love your city guide This SEO friendly city directory WP theme is coded with search engine optimization in mind.

GeoPlaces is a much larger compared to most WordPress themes, it would be crazy to expect the same load time as for a simple blog theme. February 19, at 2: May 5, at 5: April 3, at 4: My Map is not Displaying on the homepage but it is displaying on the places pages.