Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik have played 49 classical chess games, of which Kramnik 21, Kramnik, Kasparov, , ½–½, 37, Wijk aan Zee, D85 Grünfeld Defence · [21]. 22, Kasparov, Kramnik, , ½–½, 21, Linares, C Oct 23, Against Kasparov’s 1.e4, Kramnik used the Berlin Defense, specifically Prior to the match, this line in the Berlin was hardly considered a. Nov 5, So successful was Kramnik that Kasparov gave up his favorite A version of this article appears in print on November 5, , on Page.

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Another big advantage of the Berlin in the modern age was that it could kaspadov be tackled by computer analysis. He’d have made a lot more money later on, and found his marketability increased, just as Short became more valuable for playing and losing. It was a game match, and both players were being pragmatic, avoiding unnecessary risks. He should have just played for the lower stakes and gone down in history as a challenger. However, sponsors did not materialize and the match did not take place.

However, he was not quite on Kasparov’s level, and a few times he was unable to finish off some otherwise magnificent games — Kasparov won by a score of Without funding, it was unable to hold a cycle of candidates matches as a qualifier to play Kasparov. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I still believe Kasparov has a debt of sporting honor to play Shirov. Khalifman probably enjoys a slight bump even from holding the worthless FIDE title, but it’s hard to tell. Instead, two years later Kasparov — controversially — played Kramnik anyway in a mramnik in London.


By the match with Kramnik, Kasparov was already working quite often with computer analysis, and Kramnik managed to neutralize this by his adoption of this line. Retrieved from ” https: If you already have an account, you should login now.

List of chess games between Kasparov and Kramnik

This position occurred four times—in games 1, 3, 9 and 13—and each time Kramnik black was able to draw. In addition, the Kramnik-Leko match ofwhich resulted in a draw, was actually rated the best match of all time. But it was just a game and it doesn’t prove much. All the decisive games were won by white except for a win by Kramnik in These were Anand and Vladimir Kramnik.

Classical World Chess Championship 2000

Of course 8 and 14, and possibly also keamnik Kramnik would later refer to the title as the “Classical” World Championship, hence this match was also a match for the “Classical” title. InKarpov was finally defeated before he became Kasparov’s challenger, by Nigel Short.

Nobody’s heard from him in years. Assuming these dates are correct, that’s a mere three months.

No posting personal information of members. Potential sponsors are much more interested in a match between the number 1 and 2 chess players: However, Kramnik showed that the so-called “Berlin Wall” was not only very solid, but also very tricky.

I described the role of Kasparov in this story in my book Fire on Board 2, and I have no desire now to return to this theme and stir up bad memories.

Views Read Edit View history. Nobody’s heard from him in years. Assuming these dates are correct, that’s a mere three months. He always tries to find excuses.

Kasparov – Kramnik Classical World Championship Match ()

Anand, however, as a participant in the FIDE world championship cycle, believed he was contractually obligated to not participate in a rival cycle.


Shirov refused to oasparov because he’d have actually made less money than Kramnik did for their candidates match. The fact that Kasparov kramnikk the loser of the candidates match here and ducked Shirov is still a huge disgrace and a lasting stain on his reputation.

Of the many “queenless middlegames” played in the match, perhaps the most interesting was the one that occurred in the fourth game. See something that violates our rules? E71 King’s Indian Defence.

List of chess games between Kasparov and Kramnik – Wikipedia

Kasparov was looking around for a new sponsor, but hadn’t been able to find one. In the first game of the match, where Kramnik had the black pieces, he introduced his strategy which would play a big role in his victory. Please observe our posting guidelines: At the time he rejected the American offer, how could he know that Kasparov would unilaterally declare the match null and void?

If you already have an account, you should login now. It was Kasparov who unilaterally terminated any further prospect of a match. This page was last edited on 12 Marchat It can certainly be argued that Shirov overvalued his market worth, and should’ve pragmatically accepted the American deal, and that Kasparov was simply being realistic in reneging on the match, but the greatest untruth in the whole affair was his claim that: