Sharh Kitab al-Kabair by shaykh al-Fawzan al-Fawzan – Shaykh al-Fawzan. Monotheism]. the Kitab Al-Hadiya Prophets]. fi al-Tawhid from Tarikh fiha In: People Description [Three of Rasail. al-Kabair. Nine Majmuat Rasul Najd] Islam. Kitab-ul-Kabair by – Allama Muhammad Ahmed Zahabi کتاب الکبائر by – Allama Muhammad Ahmed Zahabi (Other) علامہ محمد احمد ذہبی (Other) Publisher.

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Notify Admin about this post. As-salamu Alaikum The book Kitab Al Kabair, are their any mistakes, weak and fabricated hadeeths which I should be aware of? The only translation I have come across is by Mohammed Moinuddin Siddiqui, is any one familiar with his works, or this particular translation of Kitab Kabaif Kabair, is it any good?

What is the best translation published, if their is any. And are their mistakes in this book, that i should be aware of, or an explaination of it.

By Makthaba Jamhuriyya Misr 3. Makthaba ar-Riyaadh 4.

شـرح كـتـاب الـكـبـائـر – Sharh kitab al-Kabair

Maktaba Tijariyyah Misr 5. By Makthaba al-Ma’aarif In Riyaadh As for the one that which he has authored, free from any fabricated narrations or flimsy tales, then there are also several prints of this book with diverse checkings and as far as I know the one that Shaykh Mash’hoor Hasan has checked is the best.


So let me know if the translator mentions which Arabic print has he used for his translation then I can let you know if it is the one that has been falsely ascribed to Imam adh-Dhahabee. There are many works falsely ascribed to the Scholars of Jarh Wa Ta’deel especially those who were most severe upon the people of innovation and sects.

One of the greatest rebuttal upon the one who ascribes this book filled with fabricated narrations to adh-Dhahabee is kabxir fact that there were many other people way before him who had authored books on this very subject. For instance, Abu al-Layth as-Samarqandee al-Hanafee who authored, “Uqoobathu Ahl-il-Kabaair” which he summarized from his own famous and well known work ” Tanbeehul-Ghaafileen” [Dhahabee ascribed this latter work to him in Taareekh al-Islam and infact it was as-Sam’aanee in “Al-ansaab” who preceded this claim which Dhahabee confirms in Siyar].

And in Taareekh al-Islam Dhahabee said: Anyways, it would akbair very beneficial to expose all those who are printing and publishing these works in English. Similarly there is one more work called “Sharh al-Kabaair” which was originally written in Turkish and was latter translated into Arabic but it has nothing to do with the book of adh-Dhahabee kitag.


Jazakallahu Khairan, for your time.

It doesn’t unfortunatly mention the original version the arabic text came from. I tried to contact the publishers but their emails seem to be incorrect.

The arabic text is present in this translation, so perhaps if I can get hold of one of the publications that you mentioned, I can compare the 2, and see if the one I have has kittab tampered with. So, inshallah let me know where I can purchase any of those you mentioned.