Strong Reactions SET UP to probe the 19 deaths at Bombay’s J J hospital last January, the Lentin Commission has been making history of sorts. For the Bombay. Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration – Issue Date: Apr 30, Maharashtra government mocks Lentin report by reinstating doctors The commission headed by Justice Bakhtawar Lentin conducted one of.

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This and a multitude of such incidents uncovered by the commission revealed how the system of drug purchase and licensing was vulnerable to the pressures of vested interests. Comments – Hide EPW looks forward to your comments.

In his report, Lentin had observed of Chandrikapure: Raykar is now waiting for his petition to be heard by the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal. Hospital in Bombay in Januarywhen at least 14 patients died after being administered adulterated glycerine.

Two other doctors involved in the tragedy have also been reinstated – Dr A. This official handled all applications for licences and had the power to refuse or grant them.

This added to the inducements of the manufacturer of sub standard, spurious and misbranded drugs and total lack of fear of the consequences pro- vided by the Act and Rules. It did not, and for several years thereafter, the Justice Lentin Commission of Inquiry remained the focus of intense co,mission unprecedented public and media interest.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment reporr Yet the Government has ignored its findings and reinstated Dr R. A comment, if suitable, may be selected for publication in the Letters pages of EPW.

Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration

Raykar, an assistant commissioner of the Food and Drug. Please note that comments are moderated as per our comments policy. Shaligram, back at J. While the government has moved to decentralize the powers of the licensing authority, the FDA is still unable to perform its role as a watchdog.

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The Justice Lentin Commission of Enquiry: A Case Study | Flamingo feather’s blog

Skip to main content. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Despite the work of the Lentin Commission and several other reports of official expert committees, nothing has changed. Lentin stated that Hiray had tried commjssion tell “brazen lies on oath” until confronted with documentary evidence to the contrary regarding his activities as president of the Bhausaheb Hiray Trust The judge was also constrained to point out bluntly that the former health minister gave his evidence commisssion to assist the commission but “to mislead it”.

The nexus of corruption and negligence in our healthcare system is intact but is rarely exposed in the absence of a vigilant media, strong public pressure, and government commitment.


Worse, former health minister Baliram Hiray, against whom Lentin had passed strong lentinn, was nominated as a member of the state Legislative Council.

The hearings revealed the archaic method of communication within the sprawling hospital, where even on a matter commiwsion vital as stopping a killer drug, the information was conveyed through a single, roving, handwritten circular. When questioned, FDA joint commissioner S.

It turned out to be a rare exposure and education on how the public health system works in our country and where one needs to look to find irregularities.

LENTIN COMMISSION-Strong Reactions : | Economic and Political Weekly

They may take some time to appear. Although a mandatory precondition for issuing of a drug manufacturing license, the FDA did not insist on its implementation.

In consequence, the commission underlined that the cheapest-priced drug was not a criterion to guarantee quality drugs. New 3 Month Subscription to Digital Archives at.

About flamingofeather Independent Journalist based in Mumbai. Photo by Rupa Chinai. View the discussion thread. Do You Like This Story? And the only official the Government has punished with dismissal is L.